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nim, musician from Sweden. Thursday, 19th January 2006, 0:24

Captain fruktcake! definately! I gotta get my win9x-comp working now for real!!
Hello Da!NyL!

Da!NyL, opl3-geek from Germany. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 16:02

*woohoo* finally online and hopefully here to stay!
Greetingz to all OPL2/OPL3/SID and especially YM2149 fans!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 15:24

Yo folks! I appreciate all your interest and any of your message here on Message Board,
but please try to stay within the English language. We are different nationality here,
and once - let's say - I'd start writing in Slovak, nula in Czech, encore in Swedish etc.
then this Message Board will become one mess. Thank you in advance for considering that... =)

Frukt, opl3-geek from Tutilurium Land. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 2:16

Nim, dags för en cover på Battle Garegga nu då! :)

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Monday, 16th January 2006, 20:00

yup, won't die any sooner (or later) than it might die in your minds, guys ;)

nula/MRS, musician from Czech Republic. Monday, 16th January 2006, 15:04

nice stuff here.. hope this site won't die soon ; )

nim, musician from Sweden. Sunday, 15th January 2006, 0:44

Congratulations! A winner is you!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Friday, 13th January 2006, 23:41

Okay ppl, it seems that we are (finally after 7 years) online :) OMG, it's quite a history now, I didn't realize how the time is passing by...

Futureprobe, musician from Sweden / Germany. Friday, 13th January 2006, 23:15

Looking good :) Nice work Encore. Looking really trackish. Me like plenty. Good luck with the site, folks!

encore, another visitor from Sweden. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:48

testing again.

Riff, another visitor from Sweden. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:46

Jaha ja, då skrive rman här. NU komemrjag bli berömd fast detär jag redan

encore, adlib-wizard from Swedem. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:45

The message board is up! =)

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