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Snu, musician from USA. Thursday, 23rd February 2006, 0:20

im running xp pro sp2.
unfortunately, i wasnt able to find much info on the chip either, thats why i asked here :)
i tried unplugging my audigy2 and no change in the behavior... so its not a conflict.
it seems that old games cant access the fm synth directly, only if i set the default midi output in windows to it, and route the game's midi output through that...
so this leads me to believe that yamaha never implemented direct access to the fm chip in the drivers, which sucks. or maybe its an xp issue, i know xp doesnt like programs directly accessing the hardware.
'tis a pitty...
i guess ill have to try getting an old pentium 2 box up and running with a sb16, oh well.
thanks for the help anyway, if anything else comes to mind, please let me know.

encore, adlib-wizard from Sweden. Tuesday, 21st February 2006, 20:03

Snu: What OS are you running? If Win98/ME, have you tried both inside Win and DOS-prompt? I've tried googling after more info on both "yamaha ds1" and "ymf724e-v" but there's very little hands-on info to find about it, so it's hard to say what the problem is. The card seems quite unsupported.

I don't have any experience with the Audigy-cards but the drivers for the Live!-cards included software emulation (which is quite lofi in terms of frequencyrate) of "SB16" in DOS. If they're also included with the Audigy/2-cards there could possibly be a conflict, but I guess you should have heard *something* in AT2 atleast.

Do you get any Adlib-sound with other DOS-stuff (f.ex. old games like Commander Keen 4/Wolfenstein 3D)?

Snu, musician from USA. Monday, 20th February 2006, 23:57

encore: i have tried several ports in the ini file. device manager lists the port range for the soundcard as 220-22f, 330-331, and 388-38b, setting the port to a specific number in this range simply causes no sound to come out, tho adlibtracker starts up fine. i wasnt sure if the opl chip itself uses a specific port in this range, or if just the soundcard's range would work?
strangely enough yesterday it was giving me that error message when i set it to some ports, but it doesnt seem to be today...
i cant get adplug to detect it either, even with installing the porttalk driver.
i guess this pretty much means that the chip is too different and isnt supported then?

encore, adlib-wizard from Sweden. Monday, 20th February 2006, 23:16

Snu: Can you find out what port-number the OPL-chip is located at? I'm not familiar with the card (though it sounds interesting), but you could f.ex. check it in Windows, in the Device Manager, by what ports the soundcard is occupying. Normally, the OPL3 uses port 0388-38B (hexadecimal) for the OPL3. Also, try editing the "adtrack2.ini" file, at the end, to "adlib_port=388" under the troubleshooting-section (read the manual for more info on this). Good luck! :)

Snu, musician from USA. Monday, 20th February 2006, 2:39

looks like a great program, i have long been a fan of fm synth, and would love to write a song or two with it,
...if i can get it working... i would very much appreciate if anyone can help.
it seems there may be a possibility of running this program on newer hardware - i recently got my hands on a yamaha ds1 soundcard, it has opl-based fm synthesis (uses the ymf724e-v chip) on a pci connection...
sounds great when playing old midis, but unfortunately adlibtracker doesnt seem to work with it. im not entirely sure if this is due to having two soundcards (the other is an audigy2), or because the chip isnt supported properly.
on starting adlibtracker, i get the error: "Autodetecting OPL3 interface at 260h ... not responding!"
possibly its trying to detect the opl chip on the audigy2? if so, how would i find the port of the second soundcard?
if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction anyway.

hseiken, musician from usa. Monday, 20th February 2006, 2:15

I enjoyed using this when i still had my old p75 running win95 with a sbpro...*sniff*...sadly, though, i'm between having a comp old enough to let adt2 control it's hardware and a comp new enough to emulate the old hardware...

glad to see you're still supporting it, though. it's a great program and certain a great sound coming out of it.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Saturday, 11th February 2006, 9:06

Hey all,
One of VIP members of our Adlib community - nula - has a birthday today.
Let me say wishes for all us... 'Happy birthday to you, may good luck go with you, and happiness too'
also not to mention- many, many new awesome songs in AdT2 =)

seablue, opl3-geek from denmark. Monday, 23rd January 2006, 1:27

damn straight! i'll be SURE to check out this tracker! good work...^^

nim, musician from Sweden. Thursday, 19th January 2006, 0:24

Captain fruktcake! definately! I gotta get my win9x-comp working now for real!!
Hello Da!NyL!

Da!NyL, opl3-geek from Germany. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 16:02

*woohoo* finally online and hopefully here to stay!
Greetingz to all OPL2/OPL3/SID and especially YM2149 fans!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 15:24

Yo folks! I appreciate all your interest and any of your message here on Message Board,
but please try to stay within the English language. We are different nationality here,
and once - let's say - I'd start writing in Slovak, nula in Czech, encore in Swedish etc.
then this Message Board will become one mess. Thank you in advance for considering that... =)

Frukt, opl3-geek from Tutilurium Land. Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 2:16

Nim, dags för en cover på Battle Garegga nu då! :)

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Monday, 16th January 2006, 20:00

yup, won't die any sooner (or later) than it might die in your minds, guys ;)

nula/MRS, musician from Czech Republic. Monday, 16th January 2006, 15:04

nice stuff here.. hope this site won't die soon ; )

nim, musician from Sweden. Sunday, 15th January 2006, 0:44

Congratulations! A winner is you!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Friday, 13th January 2006, 23:41

Okay ppl, it seems that we are (finally after 7 years) online :) OMG, it's quite a history now, I didn't realize how the time is passing by...

Futureprobe, musician from Sweden / Germany. Friday, 13th January 2006, 23:15

Looking good :) Nice work Encore. Looking really trackish. Me like plenty. Good luck with the site, folks!

encore, another visitor from Sweden. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:48

testing again.

Riff, another visitor from Sweden. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:46

Jaha ja, då skrive rman här. NU komemrjag bli berömd fast detär jag redan

encore, adlib-wizard from Swedem. Friday, 13th January 2006, 22:45

The message board is up! =)

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